On February 28, 2017, OPPO unveiled a 5x dual camera zoom technology in the Mobile World Congress.
The innovative dual-camera zoom uses a unique periscope-style structure to cleverly address the challenging
issue of focus and zoom for slim mobile phones, providing users with a better photo shooting experience.
Periscope-style dual camera,
capture clear and stable image even at a 5x zoom
Periscope-style dual camera, capture clear and stable image even at a 5x zoom After more than 12 months of hard work,
OPPO has successfully developed the periscope-style dual camera technology. It uses a unique periscope-style structure to divert
light through a prism and into a telephoto lens nested inside the smartphone, set at a 90° angle to a rear-facing wide-angle lens.
By shifting the light’s path, OPPO is able to achieve a lossless 5x zoom. even within the confines of a thin smartphone.
days of hard work
Dual Camera Zoom
All-new optical image stabilization,
shoot clear pictures even when you are in motion
As the zoom factor increases, slight vibrations can have dramatic effects on an image. Both the prism
and the telephoto lens group in OPPO’s periscope-style camera module intelligently sense vibrations and make
corresponding compensations in real time. The all-new optical image stabilization (OIS) solution can improve the
performance of previous generations by 40%. What's more, the new prism mechanism dynamically adjusts its angle in
astonishingly precise increments of only 0.0025°, ensuring that images will remain clear and stable even at a full 5x zoom.
Improved Stabilization
Dual camera zoom, super slim at 5.7mm
Zooming in cameras is already very common these days, but zooming for mobile phone shooting is not available. This is mainly because a zoom lens with high magnification will affect the thickness of the mobile phone. This time, OPPO uses a periscope-style dual camera module that is only 5.7mm thick, as thick as 3 coins. Slim mobile phones with high magnification zoom lens will become a reality.
Clear shots from far away with a lossless 5x zoom
With the new technology, each fragment of a photo becomes more clear and detailed.
In Mobile World Congress


“OPPO 5x Dual Camera Zoom” here: OPPO 5x Dual Camera Zoom can be equivalent to Folded Optical 5x Zoom (according to ISO12233 resolution test card).

40% Improved stabilization: based on specifications comparison between “OPPO 5x Dual Camera Zoom” and general OIS.