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With 10x lossless zoom, watch as OPPO phone photography advances to the next level. The slim smartphone brings you everything from ultra-wide-angle to telephoto shots, offering you brand new perspectives on landscapes, portraits and more.

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Find a New Perspective with

10x Lossless Zoom

Triple-lens Camera

Structure with A Broader

Focal Length Range

Thanks to a Wide-angle Lens, Ultra-clear Main Camera, and Telephoto Lens combo, OPPO's Triple-lens Camera Structure gives your camera a broader focal length range than ever before*. See further in landscapes, and see more in portraits. *8MP resolution; full frame equivalence 16mm – 160 mm.

Main Camera

Ultra-wide-angle Lens

Telephoto Lens

A Professional Camera

in Your Pocket

Don't be deceived by the slim body. We used a periscope design to house the telephoto lens inside the casing of the phone, and we also used D-cut lenses to keep the camera extra-compact. This brought the entire triple camera module down to a width of under 6.76 mm. In other words, you get much more camera per millimeter.


Focused Hand-Held

Shooting Even with

10x Lossless Zoom

Shaking is unavoidable with hand-held photography, and at close range the effects are most noticeable. Thankfully, getting crystal-clear hand-held shots is now easier than ever. The ultra-clear main camera and optical prism telephoto Lens use optical image stabilizing (OIS) technology to retain superior image quality.

OIS on Optical Prismwith 0.001445° Image Stabilization Precision

* 10x lossless zoom uses an ultra-wide-angle lens, ultra-clear main camera, and telephoto lens combo to bring you the benefits of both a telephoto lens and wide-angle lens. Full frame equivalence 16mm–160mm.
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